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Thinking outside of the box can reveal an array of music jobs and gig opportunities

Music is an art form that is very much embedded in practically every culture throughout the world, so musicians and music bands are a staple ingredient to this backdrop. Bands and solo music artists performing at concerts or local gigs are seen as the most obvious vehicles driving musician and band employment. But clear thinking and a determined approach can turn up unforeseen opportunities for musicians and bands to apply their musical talents in ways they can get compensated for.

Quite often it can be easier to get music and/or band gigs by searching outside of the traditional venue scene. There are always plenty of theatrical stage productions, community or charity events, store openings, and company parties that are looking for great live music. These markets can be much less saturated than traditional venues but might require a musician or band to perform in a more prescribed way to accommodate a themed event or occasion.

Music producers and record labels will also have a need for session players or backing musicians to take part in a recording session. A solo singer/songwriter may have a need to use musicians or bands who totally back their music showcase or studio recording session without being included as part of the collaboration to write the original music to be performed.

To find professional backing musicians, artists, producers, or managers can turn to use free classifieds like Craigslist, or websites like SoundBetter which is a directory of professionals you can hire. This webpage will focus on the musical artists' quest to line up work, as well as music band (or orchestra) bookings. Readers can also expect to come across opportunities for non-instrument playing music professionals, such as studio mixers or music producers.

With the expansion of the gig and freelance economy through the online web, numerous opportunities for session players or backing musicians to find musical gigs are possible through freelancer sites such as Upwork and Fiver which normally would be associated with administrative, legal, graphic design, technical, or skilled handyman work.

Musicians searching for a match for their skins should look at:

This is a listing that is likely to expand and evolve in years to come.

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American Federation of Musicians

The American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM/AFofM) is the largest organization in the world to represent professional musicians. They negotiate fair agreements, protect ownership of recorded music, secure benefits such as health care and pension, and lobby legislators. In the US, it is the American Federation of Musicians (AFM)—and in Canada, it is the Canadian Federation of Musicians/Fédération Canadienne des Musiciens (CFM/FCM).

In a similar way that the movie, television, and theatre industry have the SAG/AFTRA and Equity unions that provide their artist members with directories of "franchised" agents, the American Federation of Musicians offers its member musicians a directory of AFM-Franchised Booking Agents. AFM-Franchised Booking Agents are signatories to the AFM's Booking Agents Agreement.

They perform a marketing and placement role for AFM members in the US and Canada. Purchasers are provided with legitimate agreements, members are provided with protection of their earnings, and the booking agents earn commissions for their sales. These agreements are comprehensive contracts binding all parties to the terms of the agreement.

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