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Get the intelligence that helps you land your next audition or production gig

This page wasn't meant to be a typical casting call board. Rather, it is more of a listening post for signs and cues that could eventually result in opportunities from the stage, film and/or television studio, and/or indie productions. Most of the sources that contribute to the feeds on this page are production companies, state location services, and the offices of SAG-AFTRA franchised agents (they do issue open casting calls),  making it a viable alternative source of information beyond the familiar web casting sites. There will be a mix of news and industry intelligence aimed toward forward-thinking performing talent that considers themselves industry savvy, and pre- and post-production media professionals and talent as well.

Beyond actors and varied stage performers the listings here will also be helpful to the camera crew, animators, promotions, colorist, casting producers, drone photographer, sound designer/mixer, lighting/key grip, gaffer, hair and makeup artists, producer/development executives, composers, and all the varied positions to be filled in the realm of motion picture and theatrical stage productions.

There was a deliberate effort made here to avoid details already contained on the well-known casting and gig for hire services – since that's what everyone already knows about (Mandy.com, Breakdown Express, Backstage, Central Casting, Now Casting, Casting Networks, Actors Access, Casting360, New Faces). And instead use a mix such as a state location and film/TV offices, and private production offices that take a lead role in putting show business projects into working order.

Remember, when dealing with casting or production operations offering auditions and other production crew placements, always check for references, business licenses or credentials as you feel necessary, and make sure they are in compliance with state and federal laws.


From the Twitter feeds of respected production houses, state location house, stage companies, and other media industry institutions


For performers, specific role breakdown details may not be provided in the listings. Just foresight and tips about feature film, television, and commercial projects that are currently or imminently casting. Interpret the industry news and information you parse through here as an opportunity to act proactively and pursue further information from emerging details.

Ultimately the greatest opportunities in film and scripted broadcast television will come through a worthy agent. But there are small budget opportunities that can give a performer a vital platform to ply their craft that will be projected to a receptive audience, and best of all, a paycheck.

It is important to keep in mind that the information relating to casting and crew calls may include inaccuracies or errors. There can be no guarantee on the accuracy or reliability of the information. Your use of the information is at your own risk. Get as much information from the source of the call prior to any auditions or submissions. Check that all posted positions should follow all Federal, State, County, and Municipal labor laws.

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